Can I start classes at any time?

You can start private lessons and courses for early childhood musicalization at any time. In the group courses you can still start up until the third lesson.

What is the advantage of the group course? What about individual lessons?

Group courses are cheaper, you learn by observing and practising, you can also make new friends. The group moves forward at the same speed. In single lessons, the teacher concentrates exclusively on you. It is possible to find an ideal lesson time and length for you.

I like to sing and would like to learn to accompany myself on the guitar. I am a beginner. Is this possible with you?

Yes, we can easily teach you that. Many songs can already be accompanied with three chords.

Do I have to bring my own instrument to class?

For the trial lesson we will provide you with an instrument - free of charge. Pianos, keyboard, drums, percussion and guitars can be used free of charge.

Can I buy or rent instruments from you?

We do not sell or rent. However, we can recommend music stores that offer this service.