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Yamaha Music Education System

The Yamaha Music Education System at a glance.

The Yamaha Music Education System is a seven-year educational program for preschool and school-age children. The "heart" of the system is the "Junior Music Course", on which the programs "Junior Extension Course" and "Junior Advanced Course" for advanced students are taught.

We are convinced that music and active music-making should be an integral part of our society, because music not only promotes the emotional and intellectual development of children, but also harmonious coexistence in our society.

The Yamaha programs are carefully designed to address the age-related physical, mental and emotional aspects of children's development. Get in touch with Yasuko Hamabe, a certified teacher of the Yamaha Music Education System.


School President: Yasuko Hamabe / yasuko.hamabe@yms-zuerich.ch
Telephone Number: +41 44 543 47 80
Office Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10:00-12:00 | 13:30-16:30
Saturday 10:00 - 14:00
Teaching Hours: Monday to Saturday 08.00 - 22.00

Early childhood music education courses

Concept behind the Yamaha Music Education System

The model of language acquisition in children

... gives crucial impetus for musical learning.

Children learn their mother tongue through informal exchange with others. Between the ages of four and six there is a qualitative leap in the education and differentiation of the child's hearing, which is equally important for language acquisition and musical education.

The Yamaha Music School places particular emphasis on the age-specific musicalization of pre-school children, because this phase of life is of particular importance for the later development of musical and intellectual abilities.

Open group lessons

... is a cornerstone of the Yamaha Music School.

The creation of a positive learning climate, the interest in experiencing new things and grasping them with all one's senses are the aspects that are at the forefront of our teaching programmes. Students with varying levels of skills and learning habits are taught together, but also individually. Through learning from and with each other and the motivation that comes from playing in an ensemble, students discover their own musical talents.

Many decades of practical experience and the current state of learning research have flowed into the design of the teaching processes and enable individual musical success experiences of the group members.

Cultivating creativity

... is of central importance for Yamaha music school pedagogy.

Sound knowledge of the rules of the musical system is a prerequisite for the implementation of one's own musical ideas. Improvisation, arranging and other creative techniques complement the lessons; different musical styles and epochs are explicitly accepted as equal. Age-appropriate learning media help the students to experience practicing as a pleasure from the very beginning and to achieve their learning goals in a playful way.

The principle of "learning with fun" sets the tone at Yamaha Music School.


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